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Entertainment from a package that is not the leading curve of technology? The silver ball has always reflected a time in our American Culture with games and art packages inspired from our advances in Space Exploration to the latest trends in Music. The connection to our simpler pool hall and bar games has produced several periodicals over the years including our contributions to one, the Pingame Journal.


Men At Play

Pingame LogoEvery body needs a hobby. That time when you just stop the career path and do something to enhance the human spirit. Taking on a hobby starts that travel down a road to learn new things, meet new people and share amazing new experiences. Sometimes these experiences get documented to share the random lessons with everyone. Here are the articles that have no purpose other than to entertain.

Retracing History NBA: Pinball Happens I Now Know Better

Pingame Throwdown

My name is Mike Gaspar and I have been playing pinball in its home of Chicago since 1991 and refurbishing since 1996. While I'm proud of the work I have done in bringing WPC games back to the glory I remember from playing test games on location I have found myself too content to just enjoy playing games from other eras instead of fully appreciating their engineering and innovation. However I have since met Jackson Burger, a youth hailing from the Twin Cities who I am proud to be mentoring in this hobby. In order to make him a pinball elite of the Millennial Generation I have to make sure he becomes the best, which means I need to be the best, which means I need to learn from the best. My new mission: use my various travels to shows to meet enthusiasts who are masters at their own signature vintage of pinball machines and beat them at their own game of refurbishment. I may win, I may lose, but in the end a pinball machine will be brought back to life for others to enjoy for years to come.

I have been to a lot of pinball shows and you know you can count on a Stern Meteor being there. These typically are in bad shape but I came across a collector who is able to make these classics play in an amazing way. Now out of spite I am showing these Metoer bringers how a game is meant to play. This is Pin Game Throwdown Meteor!

Throwdown! Brian Bannon

The Road Crew

My friends and I always enjoy taking a break from the day to day. A group of us from the CPM have formed the Road Crew where we head out to support, investigate and even pick some finds from various shows around the country. It becomes quite the adventure when tech geeks by day head out of town to become pinball nerds by night. From Kalamazoo to Allentown there are good times. Some times I document these and when I do, then end up here.

Supershow 2008 PW Convention 2007 Supershow 2006

Wolffy Was Here

pingame journalMike Gaspar has been an avid fan of the American Coin-op game of pinball since 1991. In 1996 he started his collection when he bought his first game, The Twilight Zone, sold by the arcade he played in as a kid. His hobby continues to be to restore games in need and travel the country with his pinball friends to save this piece of American pop culture history. The addiction continued by taking on project games such as Black Rose and The Getaway. This all lead up to the holy grail of his college career: White Water! The fun of the 90s continued with getting up close and personal by hunting down the list of overlooked titles to bring back to the public eye: No Fear, Congo and Fastbreak. The hunt took him and friends on road trips across state lines to meet new collectors and play new titles and to even learn more about the history of the silver ball. This lead to 2014 being dubbed the summer of Stern when both Lightning and Meteor would be the show games for Pinball Expo. All this lead to adventure and stories, these are his stories.

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