Hello World!

A View from the Summit

From up here, you can see a little of everything that is going on. Years of development have lead to the release of new commercial software. New solutions are no longer bound to the desktop with our return to mobile devices thanks to the new Android development studio. Take it all in, enjoy the views.


The 2014 all new Laredo edition is the first truly cross platform solution produce by years of developmental experience. Using the new Overland interface for a cleaner look on sizes of all screens, SkillzTrack becomes the first solution to be available on Android mobile devices. Laredo brings with it new enhancements to view the history of your league season and it's new website generator highlights each meet's best players from each division. The new print features allow for printing of the current meet score cards and playlists directly from SkillzTrack. The all 64-bit availability now brings the SkillzTrack solution to both your Windows and your Linux desktop environments.

Security Console

Larry Page of Google is quotes as telling his employees "This is the path we're headed down - a single unified, 'beautiful' product across everything. If you don't get that, then you should probably work somewhere else." The System Core framework provides a platform in which certificate enabled security applications can be easily created with a consistent user interface. The framework blends the ability to select and manage access control lists, with local contacts and those dynamically available directory servers, enforce organizational configurations. Public key cryptosystems are automated behind the scenes of a native platform interface for a more intuitive experience without compromising the power of the Public Key Infrastructure.

Life After Pingame

Summer Of Stern

The summer of 2014 was a nostalgic one with an in-depth look at Retro Americana. The study, repair and refurbishment of Stern Electronics pinball machines from circa 1980 provided great insight to the manufacturing process, the artistic capabilities and use of maximizing the technology. Born from the Chicago Coin amusement company, Stern Electronics' pushed the limits of their platform to create inspiring rule sets that made their games captivating while a unique artistic style trimmed with metal and chrome completed the presentation. More to come in the Pingame Journal section.