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View of the Landscape

Wolffysoft modules are the primary components created based on the digital landscaping needs of better networking performance and reliable data sharing and protection schemes. The roadmap includes maintaining up to date technology infused with fun to keep a human touch.

Security Checklist

When considering implementing security in your IT project there are several aspects that need to be addressed in order to increase success.  First and foremost security considerations should be an integrated approach and not treated as a patch that can be added in later.  By integrating security practices early on in the process you can strike a balance between technology and policy that can ease the concerns about incidents when they happen.  Adhoc fixes are harder to enforce and require additional training for users which in turn increases the chances that the security practices won't be followed.

The success of your security practices can be increased by applying specific considerations into you IT policy.  First and foremost, any security policy or practice must support the mission of the organization.  This security policy must be an integral element of sound management, which means it has to be easy enough for management to actually use it.  Management is after all the example to the rest of the organization.  The security policy must make the responsibilities explicit.  Finally, security is not a one-time investment.  Any implemented security policy must be reassessed periodically.

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A Drive Over The Edge

Spending years playing nice, developing software with in the parameters, only gets you so far. Like being a kid with the blocks it's more fun to try different things and see what works. Taking inspiration from the things I enjoy in life and mashing them together to create innovation inspires many a blog of intrigue and rant. Life is a road trip in which can only being driven correctly if all your interactions at times can take you straight over the edge.

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